Three and a half Years Gone.

      Released in May 2004, the full title of this album is actually “Three and half years gone…. and this is all I have to show for it”. After the release of “The Allston Years” in 2001, Erik took a bit of a hiatus, writing and recording only a select handful of songs over a 3 year period.
      Along with the Erik Staple song topics of personal introspection and observation, “Three and half years gone” features perhaps some of Erik’s most controversial songs including, the satirical “God Hates Fags” and often misunderstood “She’s a Bitch”, which was actually a vague metaphor for the United State’s post 9/11 actions. “Three and half years gone” also includes the prophetic “Generation White Trash”, written in 2002, a song about the impending collapse of our economy due to the ease and abuse of credit. Erik’s personal favorite song is the beautifully simple acoustic rendition of the baseball classic “Take me out to the ball game.”
01 - - Take me Out to the Ballgame
02 - - All There is
03 - - Generation White Trash
04 - - Trapped in Heaven
05 - - You
06 - - Scenes from 150 MA Ave
07 - - Big Top
08 - - She's a Bitch
09 - - These Tracks Before
10 - - I wish I had a Gun
11 - - 022404
12 - - Sultans of Swing
13 - - God Hates Fags
14 - - Phil & Fuzzy

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